An incredible story of time travel, heroic legend, modern adventure, and ancient mystery.

In the modern day, insatiable evil is roaming the earth, intent on destroying the wealth of the world’s cultural heritage, before the young can realize what they’re missing. The Dark Force’s ultimate aim is control of the minds of the human race.

Danni Hannuman and a group of his teenage friends, are caught in the middle of the conflict, unwitting targets, in an increasingly dangerous game of the evil Ravan-noir’s plotting.

However, a legendary hero, Rama, from the ancient past, who has battled many of these forces before, in his own far-off time, has been asked to help. The question is, can he time travel to the future, to challenge those bent on destruction and defeat them, against all the odds?

Can he save the young people and teach them the essential skills that they will need in order to save themselves, and their planet, before it’s too late?

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